Brainy Universe

New year. New insights. New lessons! Our brains are now very busy updating and rewiring all the new good being collected. Be tunned to check our new platform coming soon.

About Brainy Universe

Brainy Universe is a collective space created as counter-point to the ephemerities of online information. Here the time is our most valuable asset. In the same way as inside the human brain or within the imensity of the outer universe, here the most powerful happenings take its own time to be elaborated, to be materialized and to be appreciated. We believe in the grandiosity of human thinking, and we savour all the results from a deep state of mind. From arts, to science and technology, we curate ideas, discuss them and share them within a timeless record. Quality above buzzwords, continuity above virality, this is the space where we hope ours and yours brain can be nurtured.

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